1. Adults 18- 85 years of age (Maximum age at entry 85 Years)
  2. Dependent Children 3 months -18 years or 25 years if enrolled in school
  3. Waiting period- None for accidental but 3 months for illness related death.
  4. Claim notification – 3 months
  5. Family members include (M+5) i.e. Main member, spouse, 4 children




  1. Political violence and terrorism is covered automatically at no extra cost
  2. The war and riot exclusion is limited to active participation only.
  3. Insurance is on 24 hours cover and worldwide.
  4. The policy does NOT have an AIDS/HIV exclusion


Death Benefit

Payment of lump sum upon death of an insured member due to illness, accident or natural causes after applicable waiting period.


Claims Reporting

Claims may be reported to us in any of the methods below for guidance:

  1. Phone calls
  2. Emails
  3. SMS
  4. Whatsapp
  5. Visit to our offices worldwide


Claims Documentation Requirements

The insurer requires but not restricted to only the following claims documentation:

  1. Death notification letter
  2. Death Certificate or Interim Certificate
  3. Coroner’s Certificate
  4. Copy of deceased id/passport
  5. Copy of id/passport of beneficiary
  6. Bank account details of the beneficiary


Settlement of claims

All claims shall be assessed and discharge voucher for signature by the policyholder issued. Payment into the beneficiary account will be made within a maximum of 3 working days upon receipt of duly signed Discharge voucher.