About Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan

Diaspora Maisha Poa Cash Plan is a first in the world, a need driven cash plan targeted at the Kenyan diaspora community outside the boarders of Kenya. With a Diaspora Get home Cash Plan, insured by APA Life Assurance, you can rest assured that your family will never need to worry about last expense in the unfortunate event of losing a loved one.

Our History & Purpose

The world has become a global village with many people belonging to more than one society and living across the world, far away from their home countries. It is estimated that there are more than 3 million Kenyans living outside Kenya.
For cultural, social, family and emotional reasons most Kenyans in the diaspora naturally prefer their country of origin to be their final resting place. This cultural connection has for many years created a financial burden to bereaved families as they suddenly have to raise colossal sums of money for funeral and/or repatriation bills.

What Does it Mean?

Bereaving family and friends could need to raise as much as $20,000 from their pockets and in many cases, these costs are payable upfront.

Have you ever paused to imagine your bereaved family and friends embarrassingly begging for help to cover your last expenses?

Obviously this is something you wouldn’t want to burden your loved ones with especially when it is emotionally a very hard time for them.


Our Diaspora Maisha Poa cash plan provides immediate cash to your family to help cover the cost of your final journey and other unexpected expenses that would mean one less thing for them to worry about at an emotional and difficult time.

Applying for this cover is simple, quick, and affordable with acceptance guaranteed to diaspora Kenyans and their families aged 18-80 years. In addition to covering yourself and your family in diaspora you can also cover your parents, parents in law and siblings back home in Kenya.