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What Is Diaspora Maisha Poa Cash Plan?

Diaspora Maisha Poa cash plan is a funeral insurance cover that was developed with special consideration of the Kenyan diaspora community in mind. The plan pays out immediate cash to cover funeral and/or body repatriation costs.

Do you assist Kenyans to buy airfare to attend Kenyan relatives’ funerals?

Yes. We assist Kenyans to get back home in Kenya on short notice if they lose their insured kin in Kenya by giving cash payment to purchase return ticket and contribute towards the funeral.

Why insure in USD$ Currency?

Traditional funeral cover is usually offered as goods and services by funeral homes/ directors and that has too many limitations. For Kenyan diaspora who is essentially a global villager or transnational citizen, we felt it is better to have a USD$ cash cover because cash knows no border which makes it a protection without borders. Cash also means you can cover other related costs. USD$ is recognized as the world most popular currency hence exchanging it against other currencies is easier.

Why Is Funeral Cash Plan So Important?

No one would want to leave their family and friends in a financial mess would they? That is why Diaspora Maisha Poa   cash plan provides insurance that has been designed to help you protect your family from the financial burden of your funeral, body repatriation and other unexpected costs, if you or your loved ones were to unexpectedly pass away.

The cost of a funeral and/or body repatriation to Kenya from some parts of the world where Kenyans live runs in thousands of dollars on average. Funeral Cash Plan is so important because it will save your bereaved family the burden and embarrassment of begging for help during loved ones funerals. The cash plan guarantees you or your loved ones an honourable and dignified sending off giving them a reason to celebrate your life without worrying about money. The main costs that the Diasporas face in the event of death include: 1. Body Repatriation, 2. People (family or friends) to accompany body back home, 3. Cost of coffin or casket, 4. Funeral Cost in diaspora, and 5. Funeral Cost in home Kenya

What is the cost of funeral?

Funeral and body repatriation costs from African countries costs between USD$ 2,500 – USD $ 5,000, from United Kingdom around USD $10,000, from Australia/New Zealand around USD $15,000 and USA/ Canada around USD $ 20,000. If you don’t have a funeral plan, this is money your family will probably have to pay out of their pockets in the event of your death…money your family may not have on hand hence will resort to embarrassing begging!

Who Needs Funeral Cash Plan Insurance?

Everyone; unless you have sufficient savings set aside for emergency.

If you are a Kenyan diaspora aged between 18 and 85, you automatically qualify for Diaspora Maisha Poa   Cash Plan. A Funeral Cash Plan is something all Kenyan diasporas should consider. The worst can happen at any time and without funeral cash plan, your family and friends could be forced to pay thousands out of their pocket for a funeral. If they can’t raise the money they will have no option but to do the most demeaning and embarrassing public appeal.

With the Diaspora Maisha Poa   cash plan you can also include your partner, financially dependent children until they reach age 25. This guarantees every member of your whole family a dignified sending off where their loved ones can celebrate the departed member life instead of begging for help.

Why Should I Have Funeral Cash Plan When I Already Have Life Cover?

Funeral Cash Plan provides “instant” cash in the event of the death of a plan holder, cash that can be used to pay for the undertaker, for the casket or coffin, for body repatriation, for the cremation or grave/tomb stone, for the funeral service, reception or wake, and to cover living expenses of every kind while the deceased’s dependents wait for life insurance or pension monies to come through. Bereavement is sad enough without being destitute on top of everything else – something you and your loved ones don’t have to worry about if they have sufficient funeral cash cover that will pay out quickly – within 4 days of a claim notification. Payout on a life cover can take up to six months or even more if legal issues arise.

Funeral cash plan also has a guaranteed payout whereas life cover claim may be rejected by the insurer for some reasons like non-disclosure or giving wrong/misleading information on application.

What Should I Consider When Choosing Funeral Insurance?

Getting a Funeral Cash Plan may be one of the most important decisions you will ever make. With the right funeral insurance policy, you and your family can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the high costs of your funeral and body repatriation will be covered when the time comes. Of course, not all funeral cash plan are the same, and when choosing your policy, you have many things to consider.

Why Choose Diaspora Maisha Poa Cash Plan?

As an insurance product Diaspora Maisha Poa cash plan is a world first. It is an innovative response to a crisis facing all diaspora communities. You can quickly generate a quote and apply online in just a few minutes or you can call any of our offices worldwide, and above all you won’t have to answer any health questions or take any blood tests.

Which Funeral Expenses Are Covered?

With Diaspora Maisha Poa cash plan, a lump sum benefit you are covered for will be paid to your family – they can choose to use the money as they need – to help cover the funeral costs, repatriation costs, tickets for accompanying family and friends, costs of the casket, burial, flowers, transportation, and even unexpected expenses such as credit card bills.

Can I Decide Who Receives The Benefits On My Funeral Cash Plan Policy?

Yes – you can nominate up to 3 beneficiaries as part of your Diaspora Maisha Poa   cash plan policy by simply entering their names when you apply for your cover. The beneficiary are ranked such that number two beneficiary can only claim the money if beneficiary one is not there and beneficiary three only if both one and two are not there.

Is there any Money Back Guarantee?

Yes. You have 30 days from your Start Date to decide if your policy suits your needs. If you wish to cancel and get a refund, you may do so with no penalty during this 30 days period.

Am I Covered If I Change Country of Residence or Return to Kenya?

Yes. Once your Diaspora Maisha Poa cash plan is in place, you are covered 24/7, anywhere in the world even if you change original country of residence.

How Do I Pay My Premiums?

You can use any credit/debit card accepted by our system, Kenyan mobile money platforms or set up Standing Order if you operate a local bank account from diaspora.

Can The Insurer Cancel My Funeral Cash Plan If I Get Sick?

No – your Diaspora Maisha Poa cash plan policy can continue up to age 80 years as you renew each year

I'm Healthy, Why Would I Need This Insurance?

No-one knows what lies around the corner, whether it’s an accident or illness – and securing cover early ensures the protection is there if it’s needed

Is It Necessary To Have A Medical Or Blood Test?

No, and there are no intrusive questions about your health and lifestyle.


The Diaspora Maisha Poa   cash plan provides immediate cover for accidental death and 3 months waiting period if death is due to illness or natural causes. Death resulting from criminal activities, nuclear explosion, mountaineering, parachute jumping or skydiving is also excluded.

Can I Cover My Partner And Children Too?

Yes. Funeral Expenses Cover has been designed to be family friendly. You can choose to cover your life (Single Plan), or cover yourself, your partner and all children who are dependent on you until they reach age 25 (Family Plan).

Will My Premium Increase?

Yes. The premium is determined each year but usually it does not increase at all.

How Long Can I Keep My Cover?

As long as you pay your premiums, the cover is guaranteed up to age 80 years and you will be covered anywhere in the world, 24/7 – even if your health and circumstances change.

Will I Get Anything Back If I Cancel My Funeral Expenses Cover?

If you cancel your Diaspora Maisha Poa cash plan within the first 30 days of commencement – for any reason whatsoever – you will receive a full refund of premiums that have been paid. If you cancel your Policy after 30 days, you will not get anything back as this Plan is not a savings plan and does not have surrender value.

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